The Marian Goodman Gallery has locations in New York, London, and Paris. On the surface it sounds just like every for profit gallery but there's more.

I was reading this interview with Marian Goodman; Marian Goodman, Art’s Quiet Matriarch, Hopes the Market Cools

In the article they describe Ms. Goodman's dedication to public collections. She is concerned about the rising prices for artwork in auctions. Specifically, in how it affects public collections and museums. The surging auction prices makes it challenging for museum's to afford the acquisition of new works. Her gallery is forced to raise prices to be fair to artists, however she is unique in that she'll also lower her commission. Ms. Goodman has a goal of selling artwork to collectors who vow to donate the works to museums and public collections over time. Many of these clients already have. 

It's refreshing to see a gallery jump outside the art scene, making business decisions that go beyond the bottom line and really consider how they impact the future of arts reach.