In this interview with sound artist Ernst Karel, he explores our relationship to sounds and how they represent spaces and feelings. He collages together the noises that float through our environment, similar to how a visual artist borrows and reinterprets the colors, shadows, and images that surround us.

He acknowledges that sound art can  be more challenging for a viewer than visual art. In both cases one sense is being utilized over the other but with visual art the viewer can choose how much time they spend with the piece to understand it. With sound art the viewer can't experience the piece until they've listened to it's entirety.  It's asking more of the viewer and that can be a challenge. 

"There is the potential for the mind to wander, to create its own visual images, to make connections or associations, as well as the important possibility for abstract, ungrounded aesthetic experience — all these are aspects of human experience that can be evoked, represented, or enacted through sonic ethnography,"~Ernst Karel