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Happy Birthday Ada Medina

“Art becomes itself when the artist vanishes, for a moment, into fundamental openness. That interval makes space for the contingently emergent; the unintended, transient and barely visible.  It is inclusive and discerning, all at once.  Nothing pure or divided.  Instead, two and three dimensions, material and immaterial, inside and outside, made and unmade incorporate each other.  The discovery therein is an instant for art.” ~ Ada Medina

Happy Birthday: Audrey Flack

There is an instinct for realism, a powerful drive to reproduce oneself. The fascination of photorealistic paintings lies partly in their apparent replication of life, but these are not merely replications. These paintings are often out of life scale, varying from over life-size to under life-size, from brilliant, heightened color to pale, undertone hues. -Audrey Flack