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Happy Birthday: Myrna Báez

“I do not want to do landscapes for tourists nor make pictures of the sentimental, nostalgic or folkloric things that people in this country suffer from due to a lack of identity. I am using landscape because I am interested in the form, because I’m interested in color, because I’m interested in the place… I’m interested in expressing: light–that which surrounds us, the shapes that have formed me, that has made me and that move me.”   ~ Myrna Báez

Happy Birthday: Cornelia Breitenbach

“...intended to integrate in such a way as to relate directly to the viewer's intuitive level of response. Without denying the intellect's pervasive influence in respect to so-called intuition, I feel there are those receptors within that are best tapped via a direct visual experience--an experience devoid of traditional artistic devices such as sign, symbol, ambiguity, irony, or metaphor.” ~ Cornelia Breitenbach