Welcome to the knit painting gallery! All works displayed are by

Faith Humphrey Hill.

Knit Paintings:

In a world overly focused on how different things clash, Faith Humphrey Hill’s “Knit Paintings” celebrate the beauty that emerges when things are combined.

Faith’s passion to balance the natural and the mechanical was driven by health challenges that left her with metal implants in her back and heart. She developed her skills through her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her Masters in Arts Management from Columbia College.

In addition to integrating drawing and knitting visually, Faith brings together traditional and modern processes when creating the artwork. She first identifies engaging subjects through online networks, then draws them free hand using digital tools. Using software she generates a multi-color knit pattern from the drawing, which she then hand-knits before digitally combining into the final piece. The work is shared through her website, dartily.com and printed in limited edition for exhibition.

Faith’s work communicates a sense of unity created by the dance of the familiar and foreign, earthy and electric, real and virtual. Knit paintings are Faith Humphrey Hill’s way to express how disparate elements can be integrated into a beautifully cohesive whole.