A Little Art To Start The Week!

Let's start our week right with some awesome paintings by Charmion Von Wiegand.

Charmion von Wiegand was an artist, writer, and critic most active from the mid 1940's- late 1960's. She wrote articles for various publications including Art FrontARTnews, and the Journal of Aesthetics and Criticism. Her most significant artistic influence was Mondrian. The Neo-Plasticism aesthetic is easy to find in her work.

Overtime she developed her own style that some refer to as "Spiritual Abstraction" because she holds onto the composition and palette of Neo-Plasticism but add symbols from her studies of Buddhism. 

I think these compositions are just awesome! Fantastic colors and a vibrant understanding of color.

"Art, it's a bridge between heaven and earth."

-Charmion von Wiegand