Costume and My Art

Halloween is coming and that's a HUGE deal in my neighborhood. Not exaggerating: we have about 1,500 trick or treaters. Every year Stephen creates costumes for the family. I'll share the progress here on Dartily as the costumes and decorations get finished.

This week I assembled all the supplies, embroidered a monogramed sweater, and made this bag as an accessory to my costume. You might be able to tell who I will be!

I made this bag using the tunisian (afghan) crochet method. Below is an illustration of the method. It's a mix between knitting and crochet using a really long crochet hook. It creates a cool woven grid affect. Because of the grid, cross stitch is often put on top of it. 

Making this was unbelievably fast! I finished the bag in a total of 4 hours!

Also, this week I continued exploring my own artwork mixing figurative illustration with embroidery. Below is the piece I made. 

I wish I had used a gray fabric instead of the black. I think the more similar value would have looked better. I also wish the hands were more stylized. I do like the mix of colors in the yellow section, the composition, and the piece is pulled over stretchers (like a painting) instead of on the hoop. I think that takes it a step away from the techniques origin.

After working on the socks picking up these yarns and threads felt very bulky. I think the next piece of my own art will incorporate threads of my own design.