Some Weaving And Supply Building

This week I met up with a friend to make art over coffee. I didn't have a new lace project on the pillow yet and nothing on the needles so I threaded the warp of my tablet loom and made this strap while we talked.

I added the finished strap to decorate a bolster bobbin lace pillow I made for myself this week. My vision is to make a long continuous band of lace that could be worn as a scarf. The bolster pillow, like the one pictured below, allows you to pin the pattern around the pillow, then rotate it to continue working the pattern for as long as you'd like. 

I'm on a tight budget so buying a pillow wasn't an option. To create my pillow I found a bolster pillow that was sitting around the house and a basket that wasn't being used. I dyed the pillow from white to a dusty purple then removed the stuffing and filled it with hay wrapped in a fleece blanket (as was suggested in my bobbin lace book). All the supplies stay in the basket when moving the project around.

I jumped ahead and pinned a pattern that I found on the antique pattern library. Actually, I altered it quite a bit. I removed the mid section of the pattern and mirrored the decorative edging. I then enlarged it so it would continue seamlessly around my pillow.

I quickly learned that the fleece blanket inside the bolster was making pinning my work too difficult. The hay without the blanket was working great and not poking through the pillow fabric. So yesterday, I had to cut the pillow open, remove the blanket, and add more hay. Thankfully I wasn't very far in my work so starting over wasn't a big deal. It actually was a good thing because I had altered the pattern and needed that test run to work out the lacing details. This is my most ambitious project so far using 22 bobbins!