Yarn Making

This week I had some fun learning more about my materials. I practiced both spinning and dying yarn.

Mentioned here, I made a drop spindle and acquired some fiber to practice yarn spinning. I did myself a bit of a disservice by experimenting with such a silky fiber...it's made from rose stems. As you can tell from the pictures below my yarn gauge was inconsistent. I definitely need more practice drafting the fiber. 

This week, I also found this huge pile (about 9 balls) of 100% cotton yarn in my stash. It's super soft and has a nice sheen to it. I thought it could make a nice hat or scarf but I didn't like the sage color. So, I tried my hand at dying! I was brave and dyed up half of the balls adding bits of blue and black to it. When wet it looked like some swamp goop. I was relieved that it looked pretty when dry and knitted. It even has little bits of purple in it and the sheen makes the knitting stand out. I think I'm going to make a cable patterned hat out of it.