Recycling Yarn For Knitting

New yarn from nice fiber is expensive so when I heard there are techniques to unravel and reuse nice yarn from old sweaters I knew I had to try it. 

Here are a couple helpful sources that explain the process:

I purchased two sweaters from a thrift store for $7. One is a light blue cashmere blend. The second one, pictured below, is 100% lambs wool. As directed I disassembled the sweater by cutting between the knitting. This sweater had what they refer to as "good seams".

To keep the yarn organized I unraveled it directly onto my yarn baller. I don't own a skein umbrella so for the next step I turned a little table over, wrapped the yarn around the legs, and tied the yarn together with contrasting yarn. Then I cold washed the skein and hung it to dry. I added some weight to the end while it line dried so the kinks would release.

Then I turned it from the skein back into a ball. I know it sounds inefficient to go from ball to skein back to ball again but I really needed the speed of the ball winder to unravel the sweater. 

I ended up with 9 buttons and almost a solid pound of soft, navy 100% lambs wool for $4. The process was a bit messy with fluff and little strings everywhere but I would definitely do it again. It's worth the money saved and it really didn't take long once I knew what I was doing. Although, I will be looking for a discounted skein umbrella because the process would have been even faster with that addition.

I've already cast on a project with the yarn! As mentioned here, I wanted to cast on a pair of mittens and it looks like a good friend of mine will knit them with me, Yay!

This should keep me busy as I watch the election results.