Felted Ornament Present Toppers

The kiddos and I worked together to create these felted ornament present toppers. 

We used styrofoam balls as the base. The boys chose the colors and wet felted the balls. Which just entails soaking the wool roving in hot soapy water, layering the wool roving over the styrofoam, then agitating the wool with your finger tips.

Once they dried overnight we consulted on the designs and colors for the decorations. I applied the details by needle felting. To needle felt, you just tap the special needle through the colored wool roving you want as the design and the wool that was already wet felted on the ornament. There are little grooves on these needles that tangle the decorative and the wet felted wool so it all stays together.

Voila! Super easy, mega quick, little ornament present toppers!