As Is---Is Awesome

This documentary about artist Nick Cave is so inspiring! It has me tempted to re-enter the non-profit field. 

Artist Nick Cave received a funding through the city of Shreveport, Louisiana to do an art project. He chose to take his famous sound suits and create a performance for Shreveport using only local labor, choreographers, musicians, writers, artists, and non-profits. The result is a fully collaborative project, titled "As Is". The process allows everyone to contribute their unique voice but with Nick Cave's orchestration it develops into a cohesive show. 

I was really inspired by how he communicates with his local collaborators. He clearly has a vision and at times their part wasn't fitting with his vision. Instead of getting too detailed in telling them what their part should sound like or look like, he explained how it should feel. He encouraged them to dig deep and find the feeling of sadness, courage, strength, or joy and put that into their piece. As a result everyone feels they own their contribution and they feel driven to develop and grow outside their comfort zone. 

I think the piece itself is a Nick Cave portrait of Shreveport. Watching its development is a great example of how art can influence a community and how leaders in the arts can encourage and motivate others. 

The website for the project can be found here. The documentary (which is an essential element that many other wonderful projects overlook) can be found at the link above or here. Check it out to get inspired!