Vlogmas Fun

It's day 7 of my Vlogmas advent calendar craft challenge and it's both scary and fun!

As mentioned here I've started my vlogging experience by participating in Vlogmas [which is when video bloggers post daily during December]. Most vloggers post day in the life footage for Vlogmas but I wanted to turn it into a project. So, everyday I open a box on the advent calendar in which my kids have hidden a random assortment of items that I need to incorporate into an ornament/craft. Below are some of the items I've worked with this week.

This project has been scary because...

  1. I'm not used to working with youtube, video, or the vlogging format
  2. I don't know what supplies I'm going to get each day and what (if anything) I can make with them

This project has been fun because...

  1. It forces me to think on my toes about the potential of the items around me
  2. It's scary....I think it's necessary to go outside our comfort zones in order to grow

My channel is Dartily_artdaily if you would like to check out what craziness I made with the above items.