Favorite Classic Creative Toys

Sometimes I want to make something but can't seem to get my brain to focus on anything too challenging (like when I'm sick). Here's my pick of three classic kid toys you should keep around to keep your hands busy and your creative juices flowing.

1. Lite Brite

Check out this large interactive Lite Brite. I like this one because there isn't actually a light involved which makes it so much easier to produce. It's just peg board and golf tees. Could be easy to set up at a party!


3. Spirograph

Spirograph is one of my favorites. I introduced it to Spencer (my son) the other day and it was so relaxing and fun. We started with the design made from the toy then added arms/legs/eyes to turn them into monsters. The "mistake" one's were even more fun to transform. Such a good thing to do when you are sleepy and can't seem to start an original idea...a great creativity starter.