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Day Off School: T-shirt Painting

Day Off School: T-shirt Painting

Oh, how to keep the kiddos entertained when they have a random day off school!?

Spencer (my youngest son) had found a couple packs of white t-shirts that were his and Andy's (my oldest son) size. Spencer has been begging for over a week to decorate his shirts so we used the day off school as an opportunity to paint them! We invited our neighbor friends to join in the fun!

We started with the permanent marker/isopropyl alcohol method. In this one you put cardboard inside the shirt then draw designs with the markers.

I had a separate table set up with the bottle of isopropyl alcohol, straws, aluminum foil and pans. We lined the baking pans with the aluminum foil then the kids slid their shirts onto it. The isopropyl alcohol is so stinky that we just kept it in the bottle. The kids dipped the straw in the bottle and held the end with their finger so they could drip the alcohol over their designs. 

Andy didn't like his monster, on the shirt below, after the alcohol made the black turn purple. Since he and I are the same size now (crazzzy!!!) I took over designing that one. Our neighbor added puffy fabric paint to hers after finishing the marker tie dye.

Stephen (my husband) created this large scale spin art machine a couple years back from scrap in the garage. The spinning mechanism is a little kid bike wheel. 

Spencer added fabric spray paint to his spun shirts. He went crazy on the one below but I just love it!

Andy wrinkled the shirt below then used the fabric spray paint.

Spencer has worn 3 of his shirts this week, ha ha. He's always so very proud of his creations.

cover artwork by Kenneth Heyne

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