Never Stop Creating

I love surrounding myself with artists because they have so many ideas they just can't live long enough! There's just sooo much to do!

This article came through my email the other day. It's about aging and making art. How art making and viewing can spark memories and make for happier people :)

While working at the art museum I started a program for dementia patients and their families. They would start with snacks, tour the contemporary art exhibit and then make a piece of art. The feedback was awesome with family members saying the dementia patient was recalling memories they thought were forgotten. I definitely witnessed the kind of examples given in the above article.

I have an interest in neuroscience and creativity. The following articles do a good job of explaining how creativity can increase with age.

In short, they explain that the neurons connecting the parts of our brain responsible for more abstract information like visual memory and emotion are still growing into our 50's and 60's.

Creative activities are best when they reference different pieces of stored information in our brain. Of course, as we age we gain more knowledge and life experiences that we can reference. Since our brains are capable of building new neural pathways in order to connect all that information then art-making is very good for us and our brains as we age. 

This is why "creativity is a state not a trait" showed up in my notes in this post. We have the ability to increase our creativity. It's not just something you're born with, you can push yourself, develop it, and become an awesome artist.