Redesigned Art Workshop

At the Hill house, we finally came to terms with the fact that we don't need space for lounging as much as we do for art-making. Over spring break, we rearranged the studio and living room to be more convenient for all of our different projects. I'll share picts of the other spaces later.

Today, I want to share our main garage space which always displayed art, but I updated over spring break. 

This is where we park our two cars but also spread out bigger art projects when we need to. The space is too narrow for shelves on the side but it's perfect for displaying art.

The work we display here are our old college pieces, or artwork that was an example project, or nice cards/banners that make us feel good. It's wonderful to leave the house and come home to such positivity. 

Most works on paper are protected in clear bags so they're safe. The paintings that are low are at risk of getting damaged but we've strategically placed them so our favorites are out of the way of car doors etc. Honestly, I think the artwork in the garage is safer than the work in storage---and we get to enjoy them!