Art Experiments

It's finally sunny and warm so I moved my art making outside. This time I tried to mash up two mediums that I enjoy: charcoal and punch needle embroidery.

I figure I like working in the fiber arts but I also really enjoy rendering in charcoal. I like a good amount of negative space and I like art that is small and can be appreciated more individually.

I tried drawing the images first on the weavers cloth. I actually started with fabric markers but wasn't feeling that at all. I switched to charcoal and it held up nicely on the fabric. It blended o.k. and actually had a nice look when I got it wet. That really pushed the charcoal into the fibers. I decided I didn't like using the colorful embroidery floss at all instead I was preferring a monochromatic palette.

My thinking was to use the texture of the punch needle to add new shadow and dimension to my drawings.

I abstracted further and further experimenting with different colors and texture lengths etc... I'm not satisfied with any of these but it did get me thinking about another approach I can try where I really take advantage of the fact that the image is on fabric instead of paper.