Living "Artily" at the Amusement Park

Stephen's work rents out the amusement park every spring for employees and their families. It's absolutely awesome to ride anything you want without more than a 25 min wait for the most popular rides. For less popular rides you can usually just stay on the ride and keep going around.

It's super fun and mega awesome!

Always on the look out for inspiration, I decided to use it as an opportunity to gather design and color ideas.

The roller coasters provide interesting geometry and simple colors next to the blue sky.

The older rides and general decoration has a style all it's own. Lots of distressed wood from decades ago painted shades of yellow, orange, and brown. Traditional lattice and plants are everywhere hiding storage, mechanicals, and nearby rides from sight.

The umbrellas and these lights are definitely going to resurface on a piece of art. Maybe on one of my temari balls.

Oh, and look at my cuties!