Lovely Colorful Baskets

As mentioned here I love art experimentation especially in the fiber arts. High on my list of skills to learn one day is the art of Zulu Basket weaving. 

These baskets are unique in that they are woven from the rim down unlike other basket weaving methods which start at the base. They're made of recycled telephone wire (at least they used to be) and that's how they get the insanely bright colors.

They are just so Electro-Boho to me, Electro in those bright colors and recycled materials and Boho in their designs and weaving. Ah, I just love them!

This art form was started by men working the night shift in factories. It's so inspiring how innovative they were.

The baskets posted are from groups that pay local artisans fair wages to produce the baskets. Enabling them to earn good incomes from their craft and help support their families.

In the perfect world I'd travel to South Africa to hang with the artists and learn the art form.....Ah, an artist can dream.