Summer Learning Through Art

Every summer--and during most school breaks--my boys do three learning tasks a day. These are usually done first thing in the morning when they're fresh and alert. Typically the guys are finished in just a couple hours then we enjoy the sunshine the rest of the day. 

My goal is to return them to school in the fall in the same place academically as I received them in the spring. If they go back further ahead academically (which often happens) then....Bonus!

Summer break will start in just over a month, so I'm starting to pull resources to develop the plan for their tasks. 

I have a soon to be 2nd grader and a son who is dyslexic going into 6th. I like to play to my strengths as an artist and look toward arts integration projects.

I know I'll have both boys will do the summer reading program through the library and at least my 2nd grader will do the summer math challenge through the school. The 2nd grader will also be attending some summer school that will give him a leg up in math and reading so he will have a lighter load from me for those weeks. One of the resources I'm going to check out for him will be The Kennedy Center Arts Edge . They have assembled a nice selection of lesson plans for the different grade levels that all meet educational standards while also incorporating the arts. 

I know I want my 6th grader to work on life skills, work organization, and typing.  I think I may have him work on a large project like build a website on a specific topic or theme. One of the resources I'm going to look at for inspiration will be The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity.

I'll also be looking at what exhibitions, fairs, and events will be going on in Chicago this summer so we can connect activities to learning. I'm sure the progress in the planning and creation of the projects will appear on Dartily from time to time. I'm really looking forward to it, I learn new things every year as they get older and their subjects get more complicated. The summer is so energizing and brings all sorts of enthusiasm towards learning in new ways.