Recent Drawings

I draw OFTEN! Here are a few sketches from this week.

I was totally motivated to draw this week but would start the drawings and sort of lose focus. 

I don't start drawing until I have a picture of my drawing in my head. I learned this from many many figure drawing classes. I used to get in, set up my easel, then as soon as the model got into the pose I'd just jump in. I always ended up with a drawing that I didn't like. Then I learned not to stress over how much time I had and instead move around the room find a good spot and really start envisioning the drawing in my mind first. Having a vision made the act of drawing move faster. Planning and drawing quickly, took the same amount of time as jumping in and then trying to fix mistakes. Who knew: planning=good!

As mentioned, I lost my vision with one of my drawings this week. I almost just dismissed it as my being tired and figured I'd work on my knitting project. It was already planned and was just an act of production. But, then I thought, NOPE! I gotta get in there and give it a try. There's no reason to fear. Just try and experiment if you don't like where it's going.