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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

How do we introduce ourselves as artists? How does that affect how those who do not see themselves as artists view us?

The scenario: an introduction at a party.

Partygoer: What do you do for a living?

Artist: I'm an artist.

P: Oh, that's cool. What kind of art do you make?

A: Mostly charcoal and some oil.

P: That's so interesting, I can't even draw a straight line.

O.k. I've been there a gazillion times and have said that exact line as an artist, but why define ourselves by our art medium?

  • So many artists work in multiple and mixed media why limit ourselves to just a handful.
  • Clearly the person wants to start a conversation and what is more interesting than the topics you're exploring in your art.
  • If you engage that person in a discussion on the topic they might shed new light on it that may influence your work.
  • Those who aren't active in the arts will assume that art is just perfect technique. A thoughtful discussion with you may help them interpret art in the future. 
  • They'll learn that art starts with ideas (not just technique) and maybe they'll actually try to make art too!

I'm going to start developing a concise description of the concepts I'm exploring!



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