Summer Art Projects

As mentioned here my boys do three learning tasks every weekday over the summer. Summer break starts in less than a month so I've taken the next step in preparing for their summer learning. 

I've created a schedule for them that I think is nicely balanced between academic goals and life skills. Included in the schedule is art with me once a week. 

I like a sense of improvisation when teaching so I've created a rough plan of project ideas but will likely mix them up as we go. I will need 6 projects that both the (soon to be) 2nd and 6th grader will do and 4 that just the 6th grader will do. This is where my list is so far:

Art Projects for both boys:

  • Quilling Initial

  • Mosaic with Tile

  • Zendoodles

  • 4 hole bookbinding

  • Printmaking (lino cut)

  • Make clay in kitchen and build a toy car

  • Paint....with yarn

  • Shekere (gourd instrument)

  • Fibonacci project

  • Tesselations (drawn)

  • 3D illusion sidewalk chalk painting

Projects for the 6th grader only:

  • Drawing lesson perspective

  • Origami 3D triangles

  • Drawing lesson facial/body proportions

  • Gif Art

  • Glitch Art

Some of my art lesson brainstorming can be found on my "art education" board on pinterest. Although, I will say I like to add my own twist on the inspiration projects.

The first project will be the fibonacci spiral above and I think the second week will be Japanese 4 hole book binding so they can draw in it throughout the summer.