Rituals In Art Making

Now that summer is here my schedule has changed. This got me thinking about artists and the rituals they follow to keep the inspiration flowing.

First, I think there's a difference between "Routine" and "Ritual" and even "Habit". 

Routines set us up for art-making because they are a series of actions we carry out to achieve a very specific result. For example: set out all required art supplies, put paint on the palette, before starting to apply paint to canvas.

Rituals slow us down and help us connect more spiritually. This could be going for a walk, stream of conscious writing, or a few meditative breathes.

Habits then are another term that is related but different because you do these things often and usually subconsciously. This could be getting up at a certain time, drinking coffee etc...

With limited time over the summer, I've addressed my routines by developing methods to work around those. I haven't though, considered my rituals and the things I do every day to get the creative juices flowing and inspired. 

I think I'm going to try the following approach each morning and evening. Since it's everyday it'll become a habit but I think it will act as a ritual by keeping me open minded and inspired.

  1. Re-read yesterdays #4
  2. Write one thing I'm looking forward to today
  3. Draw something, even if it's just the thing in front of me
  4. One cool thing that inspired me today

Aside from Julie Campbell's The Artist Way, I haven't attempted a ritual like this. I'm curious to see if it will keep me inspired given a more varied schedule.

Below is an interesting find. It's a book detailing the routines and rituals of various artists.