The Spiritual In Art Making

When I worked in art centers it was clear that coming to the studio was a spiritual act for the artists. All troubles disappeared and they would share the insights (both life and artistic) they gained while being there. Today, I want to investigate, at least a tiny bit, of what has been discussed on that topic.

In this article they describe spirituality as containing three elements:

  1. A search for meaning in life
  2. Cultivate a relationship to mystery
  3. Transformation through the commitment to a set of practices

All of those certainly can apply to art-making. The article also describes art making as a spiritual act because when making art you're very much so in the moment.

PBS produced this episode of Art 21 dedicated to the topic of art and spirituality.

Rudolf Steiner lectured a great deal on the subject. His research founded Anthroposophy; the philosophy behind the Waldorf School.

On Anthroposophy he said: Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge, to guide the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe…. Anthroposophists are those who experience, as an essential need of life, certain questions on the nature of the human being and the universe, just as one experiences hunger and thirst.

The basis of artistic creation is not what is, but what might be; not the real, but the possible. 
The Aesthetics of Goethe’s Worldview

It seems a common theme here is interconnectedness. An issue spirituality is most concerned with and art is excellent at portraying.

There's so much to explore on this topic, I'll need to explore this more in future posts.