Why Read Art?

I have a series of ongoing posts on Dartily that are dedicated to the discussion and interpretation of art: "Let's Read Art". This is because there are certain benefits to viewing art that are unique from the benefits of making art. 

This study proves that making art (vs viewing art) improves the interactions of different regions of the brain and improves the brain's resilience...which I think is AMAZING!

Image Source

I do think it's important to recognize the benefits we receive from viewing art as well. Semir Zeki is a neuroscientist who coined the term neuroaesthetics. He has two laws of the visual brain.

  1. Constancy: Which, in short, is our brains ability to remember the core features of an object even if certain features change; e.g. the viewing angle or lighting.

  2. Abstraction: This is when our brain given a bunch of little details creates a generalization. Then this can be applied again when a similar set of details are presented.

I think this especially helpful to artists since they can apply these studies to their creations.

A speaker in the above video says, "Those with heightened visual acumen...are existing in a more aware, alert, and present state."