Introducing: Sir Crash A Lot

Check out Sir Crash A Lot (2.0, El Grande, Senior....?)!! He's the next generation of an obstacle avoiding arduino robot. Stephen (my husband) has been into playing guitar lately, but this past weekend the tables turned and I was playing guitar while he was constructing visual art.

The original Sir Crash A Lot was an object avoiding arduino robot that Stephen built a couple years ago. He functioned like a Roomba vacuum. He would independently move through the house until his sensors saw an object within a few inches then he would stop and do a 3/4 turn before continuing his journey. His body was a small cardboard box with wheels. He initially got too close and crashed into stuff (hence the name). Then his programming was altered and he worked great!

The original Sir Crash A Lot has been waiting to be turned into a balance bot that would move sort of like a Segway. However, inspiration hit and Stephen made his gigantic version of the object avoiding bot.

I picked up the old power wheels from the trash 7 years ago. It was non functional at the time. I figured since it was doomed anyway that maybe my eldest would want to play on it before it met the landfill. About 4 years ago Stephen and the boys fixed the motor, painted it, and altered the seat so both kids could ride it. Now the power wheels has transformed again into this.

I'm so happy that we live in a cool neighborhood where we don't get any crazy stares for walking to the playground with our creations, ha ha ha.