Cultural Bonus!

I learned today that the Italian government is giving a "cultural bonus " of $500 to every 18 year old to spend on cultural activities! You can read the articles here & here.

Maurizio Savini: Image Source

The initiative will bring $330 million dollars in public funds to 550,000 teenagers.

The articles linked above quote some of reasons for the bonus.

"we have centuries of history that proclaim the fact that culture will beat ignorance, that beauty is more tenacious than barbarism."

"It sends a clear message – a welcome for those who reach the age of 18 and a reminder of how crucial culture is, both for personal enrichment and for strengthening the social fabric of the country."

Leonardo Ulian: Image Source

I'm always excited to see an appreciation for the power of the arts.

I think this is a really interesting way to distributed arts funding. To take some of the money distribution power out of curated committees and give it directly to the youth is pretty awesome!