Limited Spontaneity

The kids are back to school now so it's a day full of reflection and revised artistic goals.

This was the first entire summer I've had off with both of my boys. I was always working in galleries, community art centers, or art museums where I was often charged with overseeing summer art-ed programming. I was concerned that having 1/8th the time to dedicate to Dartily and my art-making would limit my inspiration. I mentioned some of my plans to stay motived here. Now that they're back to school I'm reflecting on summer and revising my artistic goals.

Entering the summer I thought I wouldn't feel excited about any art projects and I'd have to force myself to do a little each day to keep my skills sharp. Instead I anticipated I'd gravitate towards research and seeking inspiration from other artists. I envisioned myself enjoying podcasts or checking out artists online while poolside or at the playground. While I did do a bit of those things I spent most of my time making art..... I've been feeling crazy inspired to make art! I wrote a list today with 13 projects I want to take on! 

I feel organized in my "Make" art goals, so I focused today on establishing new "Discover" goals. I've developed a list of topics I'm looking forward to exploring more in-depth. This includes topics such as art & healing, expressive arts therapy, creativity & social change, humane psychology, and authors such as Rollo May, Carl Rogers & Abraham Maslow, Steven Pritzker, and Ruth Richards. 

I'm so excited to take this on and share the progress here on Dartily!

"Creativity Arises Out Of The Tension Between Spontaneity And Limitation"

Rollo May