Art Experimenting: Tunisian Crochet

I was gifted a pile of vintage fiber arts books and realized many patterns called for an afghan hook. I researched it and learned the technique is also called tunisian crochet. So, I got myself a hook and learned a new skill.

What makes tunisian crochet so cool is that it's stitches are an open grid making cross stitching a design over the single color blanket very easy. 

Tunisian crochet is a perfect blend between crochet and knitting. It's worked on what looks like a long crochet hook and the work is never rotated instead it moves from right to left. Onto, then off the hook etc...

The above video was helpful in explaining the technique. Below is the illustration from one of the books and my progress.

I loved tunisian because the technique has the order of knitting which I tend to prefer over crochet. Intarsia was similar to do in tunisian as it is in knitting so there was no advantage there but the ability to add cross stitch so easily is a nice benefit of the technique. 

Here are some inspiring works I found online.


I'd like to use this technique to make a bag featuring these two face designs!