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A Little Chaos And Creativity Everyday

A Little Chaos And Creativity Everyday

I was having several "that totally happens to me" moments while watching a lecture by Dr. Ruth Richards on the topic of Creativity and the Everyday.

Of course, it should be mentioned that the lecture and her writings are not just about the visual arts but about living a creative life. The lecture was broken down to "4 Steps To New Creative Power" and they are as follows:

  1. Wake Up: be mindful, joyful, and present, be "on", take in what's around you

  2. Be The Process: Don't get so lost in your goals that you forget to open yourself up to how you're getting there. Change will happen so be flexible and open to it.

  3. Learn The Flavors: This is a mind shift, a different/altered state of mind. Not meditation but similar.

  4. Follow the Fractals: Just as fractals are infinite repeating patterns, we should be open to the recurring themes in our life.

For me "learn the flavors" was a big one. When I draw I often try to finish in one sitting because when I interrupt the process I have a hard time getting back into it.  I look at the half finished work and I hate it. When I'm revisiting the piece I'm looking at it with an analytical brain instead of with the "mind shift" she mentions.

I also liked "follow the fractals" point. Let the little inspirations have their space, they may meet up with new inspirations in the future.  

Dr. Ruth Richards briefly mentions in the lecture "4 Core Creative Qualities". 

  1. Open
  2. Non-Defensive
  3. Risk-taking
  4. Tolerant of Ambiguity

I feel like I'm exploring these all the time now that I'm dedicated to trying new art mediums and looking for inspiration. Sometimes, I feel like I should commit to making art that I know I'm good at...but I'm feeling a pull to try new things. I guess I'll embrace the ambiguity!

Her book Everyday Creativity and New Views of Human Nature: Psychological, Social and Spiritual Perspectives can be found here.

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