Studio Acquisitions

I'm so inspired!!! I have sooo many ideas and new inspiration keeps coming. Here are some recent finds for the studio that got my creative juices flowing...

First, I found an app named Sktchy that I'm enjoying. It's an online community where artists post reference photos to share and then art they've created from their and other people's reference photos. When you look through the site you can swipe right on a drawing to see the reference photo. I found tons of great pictures on the site so I'm starting to sketch from those and plan on incorporating some of the portraits in my fiber art.

Second, I made myself a drop spindle to experiment with. When art-making I'm a fan of process almost more than product. Sometimes I feel like making art is just making more stuff, so I'm interested in finding ways to reuse materials and/or create art that isn't meant to live a long life.

As mentioned here, because I love working with thread and yarn I'd like to know how to customize the fiber I already have and learn how to repurpose found fibers. I made this drop spindle from a dowel with a little eye screw and two pringles container lids.

Also, in the above photo is one of my new acquisitions. While my goal is to customize the fiber I have and reuse old fiber, I did splurge on some to practice spindle spinning with. It's made of rose stems! I had no idea that was a thing, I couldn't resist picking some up. It's very soft!

The rose stem fiber was my only purchase when visiting the two knit shops in my area. On the way back to the car from the second one I ventured into a resale shop and scored the items below for next to nothing:

The wood sewing box now houses all of my embroidery thread and supplies...combining what was in three different boxes. The flower fabric is a very clean pop-up project bag.

Then there's the books! I have a weakness for old project books and this was quite the find with all books published between the mid-50's-early 70's. The topics covered include Hawaiian quilt design, Mexican needlepoint patterns, kids crafts with amazing illustrations, macrame design, punch needle, and a book on bobbin lace. I literally squealed with delight when I saw that lace book. It's not a common medium and it's so hard to find patterns and pictures online. Here are some pictures from the books (sorry the pictures aren't crisper):

The final image below, is from the Mexican needlepoint book. It was water damaged and kinda smelly so I cut out the design illustrations for future reference.