Fashion Inspiration For Artwork

As mentioned here, I've been very inspired to continue my exploration into mixing fiber arts (knitting, bobbin lace, punch needle embroidery) with my charcoal drawings.

This past week was New York Fashion Week and I found so many lovely pieces that shared common elements with the patterns I found in my new-old books, with different applications and color combinations. 

The knit dress above is by Rodarte, and kicked off todays search for art inspiration from fashion.

Below are a few lace pieces, but before that Desigual's runway was flooded with laces, knitting, and macrame.

While the piece above is really more of an embroidery, I was inspired by it's colors. Bobbin lace is such a traditional medium I like the idea of using an unexpected color to wake it up.

These accessories drew me in because they have representational imagery and are a style that could be done in punch needle. So many ideas, I gotta get in the studio!