Art From The Studio

As mentioned here, it's my goal that each week I undertake one art project that teaches  a new skill and one that furthers my own personal art making. Below are my efforts in establishing my own artwork.

I enjoy drawing and I like working with fiber arts, combining the two feels like a natural next step. The punch needle is nice because it's easy to follow your own drawn lines.

Above are the first two of three pieces I made this week. I want my pieces to be monochromatic and not feel like traditional punch needle. I tried white on white hoping to trim and sculpt the loops to create interesting dimension. That was a huge failure and if anything I liked the reverse of the work (pictured) better. I thought black fabric with white stitching might be more interesting but the black fabric I purchased wasn't holding the loops. So I tried layering the black fabric over the white fabric that held the loops...and it worked! I was happy with this discovery because it means that I can use the punch needle on a wide selection of fabrics and prints so long as I can get the needle through to the weavers cloth underneath. I liked how the series of punches looks like a topographical map or finger print. I then reversed the piece and had the loops revealed for parts of the hair and collar adding some texture to the piece. It was horrible! Not good at all, ha ha ha.

I refused to quit.  I tried a third time with an image of hands (pictured above). I like the stylized rendering of the hands and the colors. I also think the introduction of texture works better here. This is far from ideal but it definitely helped me see the potential of the medium to express some of my ideas. I have 3-4 sketches of projects that this sparked, I should be able to share that progress next week.