Work In Progress: Socks From A Vintage Pattern

Each week I'm going to learn/refine my skills by creating a piece from one of my vintage craft books. My first effort was this pair of socks.

I finished the first sock and blocked it today. The second sock is now on my needles and I'm excited to finish it so I have my complete pair and can move on to another project...maybe bobbin lace!

My biggest surprise in this process will sound the craziest. When I had cast on and started to knit I had deja vu! It was a very odd feeling. I haven't experienced an art making deja vu before! Something about the tiny needles and the texture of the yarn felt familiar. 

I don't often work directly from patterns I usually improvise my knitting or look at pictures and copy. So following step by step was new to me. My heel and toe look different than the picture. I'm certain I followed the steps for the heel as directed and I like mine better than the picture, but the toe isn't as clean as the one pictured. I would be curious to try a toe up pattern to see if I end up liking that toe design better.

A funny thing happened was when I removed my work from the needles, they were all bent up. Maybe it happened because I'm not very experienced with small needles or maybe my needles are too cheap. Regardless, they were all bent in a similar way and they did feel good to knit with so I broke out tiny pliers and cleaned up the angles to be more consistent. I have ergonomic little double pointed needles now!

The second sock is on the needles  and I hope to have it finished by next week.