Inspiring Tiny Sculptures

These tiny sculptures by Takahiro Iwasaki capture your attention with their color and juxtaposition, then have you asking yourself all sorts of questions.

The artist named this series Out of Disorder and had the following to say about the work:

In addition, I often use discarded everyday items, and it feels like objects that have been used by people often have spirits living in them. This may be similar to the greater sense of gratitude we feel towards older shrines than to new ones. I think this is connected to the distinctly Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi. - Takahiro Iwasaki

Wabi sabi is an aesthetic I can definitely appreciate. In short, wabi sabi is derived from Buddhist teaching and is about impermanence and imperfection. I've especially been thinking about the issue of impermanence in regards to my own art making. His work also feels connected to other issues I've been thinking about such as consumerism and waste.