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Today, I began to scratch the surface of David Gauntlett's website. He is a professor of Creativity and Design in the UK, has written numerous books and made several videos on the topic of creativity.

When I started Dartily one of the topics I wanted to explore is why do artists feel so compelled to make things? David Gauntlett's text now has me asking why do some people NOT make things? 

He breaks it down so simply. That by seeing ourselves as makers instead of just consumers, we feel engaged in the greater conversation, we're switched "on", our brains are active, and that feels good.

"Happiness has to be worked towards, and it flows from action not passivity."

My boys covered the dining room table with Legos for the entire winter break.

David Gauntlett works with Lego on their Lego Serious Play project which provides an accessible platform to engage adults in creative making.

Andy and Spencer's zip-line Lego machine. It spans the entire 1st floor...yeah, I'm a proud momma!

When you make something then share it you elevate the group understanding. He states that sharing your creativity changes the conversation from "Here I am, I made this" to "Here we are, we made this."

I know it all sounds so simple and he makes it all sound even easier because he eliminates another big issue that people have with being creative. People push it off because they "don't have time." They talk about creativity as it relates to other people not themselves. He says there's no excuse, do little small steps. Try a new recipe, doodle freely, write in a journal...No effort of creativity is too small. Your little efforts of making can contribute, even in the tiniest bit, to our collective understanding. That increase in group learning can only set us up to have a stronger future. 

So there you go....don't be passive, be active. Make something, then share it!!!

Chalkboard Drawings

Chalkboard Drawings

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