Creativity and Society

I spent more time on David Gauntlett's website today, reading and watching his videos that relate to creativity studies.

In this video he makes the case for making and sharing. Explaining that active learning is achieved through making items with your hands then sharing that physical object with others. This also communicates your ideas to individuals with a variety of learning styles. If the person is visual they see your object, if they're tactile learner then touch the item, if linguistic they hear your explanation etc...

He also mentions in the video 8 elements of our learning muscles. All of which are best engaged through making.

  • curiosity
  • courage
  • investigation
  • experimentation
  • imagination
  • reasoning
  • sociability
  • reflection

He's  active with Digital DIY which produced a series of short videos on the same topics. This one focuses on well-being and how creating things benefits the viewpoint and feelings of the maker. One good point from the video is that so much of peoples professional work is intangible or team produced. Making it difficult for the individual to look at their work with satisfaction. However, when you take time to create something you can reflect on it knowing it didn't exist before you made it. Of course, leaving the maker feeling powerful, satisfied, and ultimately learning more about their own work style and vision.