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1 FO and 2-ish WIPs

1 FO and 2-ish WIPs

Yay! I have one Finished Object and two-ish Works In Progress!

I finally took my lace project off the pillow! I started this piece a few months ago and it's only been getting sporadic attention after it reached the half-way mark. There are several more projects I want to take on, and I don't like unfinished work sitting around. This was the week I finished this one up and took it off the pillow. Allowing me to focus my creative energy on the upcoming projects.

I made the bobbin lace pillow myself (described here), and used a vintage pattern for the design. I chose this design because it uses several different stitches that I wanted to practice and it could be connected into a nice long repeat pattern.

It was super fun and relaxing to work on. Once I got the hang of the stitches, I was able to work on it while watching tv or listening to audiobooks. 

I actually already started another project that I can work on while doing other things. A 10 stitch tunisian crochet blanket (pattern here). Tunisian crochet is made using a really long crochet hook. Half of the process resembles knitting and half crochet. It creates a really nice woven look that is especially great for cross stitching into or-as I'm doing-mixing colors.

I have too many skeins or not especially nice yarn that I'd like to work out of my studio. So I've decided for each section of this blanket I will mix a generic yarn with a contrasting color yarn that's a higher quality. Creating a colorful scrap blanket that feels nice and is functional. 

I love how it's turning out! One color from each block continues to the next so the different blocks blend together.

I've incorporated into the blanket some of my hand spun yarn. I'm still learning this technique and my finished spun yarn isn't a perfectly consistent gauge. Also, I'm not creating a large enough quantity to use solo in a project so this has been the perfect home for my practice yarn.

And... my final upcoming project is a color wheel mini quilt. This is the pattern I will be attempting:

It'll be a 21" square mini quilt. I want to make mine as a color wheel using these fabrics. I love color wheels and this fabric is so pretty because it has little color fades on them adding just enough texture to keep it interesting.

Quilting has been on my list of things to learn. Mostly inspired by my brother-in-law's mom, she's an amazing quilter and describes the process in the most joyful way. I also want to learn how to use my sewing machine. It seems like a huge missed opportunity to not know how to use such a standard piece of equipment. 

Too many fun things to do!!!!!

Detailed Graffiti Art

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Creativity and Society

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