My Art Resolutions For 2017

Yay! I love love love resolutions and goal setting!

Way before Dartily, in 2012 I set a goal to make a piece of art everyday and share it in a group on facebook. It was a huge goal for me since I was sporadic in my art making at the time. Between my career as an Executive Director in an art non-profit, a first grader, a toddler, pets, house, marriage etc..... I was sorta busy. Determined to give it a go, I organized a workspace and sometimes stayed up until 2am finishing a piece then wake up at 6:30am the next morning to tackle life. It was fun, exciting, and I learned so much in the process.... And I did it! I left 2012 with 366 pieces of art!!! The experience definitely led me to where I am now with Dartily.

I'm entering 2017 with a whole new pile of art goals that will make their way here on Dartily. I'll also be personally tracking my progress in the two journals pictured above. I've always been a digital calendar person. However, these journals were gifts from good friends and felt like good karma was following them. The teal one was given to me as soon as I started Dartily. It has form pages for different aspects of blogging. I've been working with it daily for blog maintenance and tracking since I got it and I love it. The grey one was given to me on New Years Eve for me to explore bullet journaling. For inspiration I found these bullet journaling tips from some awesome blog/vlogs.

Between the two books I've set up a system that I think will work but I can also adjust as I go. The kids go back to school today the 9th so that will officially mark the start of my resolutions. And here they are My Art Resolutions For 2017!

  • 85 large drawings that I'll share on Sktchy
  • 6 filled sketchbooks
  • 31 ink drawings as part of inktober
  • 12 knitting or crochet projects that I can share on ravelry
  • 40 art outings (art fairs, museums, art films) I'll share on YouTube
  • 12 new art projects (either new mediums or work in mediums I'm not very experienced in)

If my progress is slow then maybe I'll make my 2017 vlogmas a cram session in completing them. 

“If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal - you have a wish.” 


― Steve Maraboli