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A History of Knitting

A History of Knitting

I only took a few fiber art classes when I was in art school (my focus was painting and drawing) so my background in the medium isn't thorough.

Part of the reason I created Dartily is to expand my knowledge in my field. Since knitting has become a regular activity of mine I felt it appropriate to read up on its history.

The book was informative talking about the first knit items found in Arabia ca AD350. It continued to explain how knitting became a necessary activity in times of war when resources were limited. Modern trends are mentioned explaining how designs evolved once hand knit items weren't as necessary and women entered the workforce. The meditative nature of knitting is briefly mentioned.

I don't think "art" should have been included in the title because it really didn't go in depth at all about how knitting intermixes with the visual arts. Having "poetry and prose" included in the title makes sense for this book. There were many great examples of poems and songs that feature knitting included in this book.

My favorite part are the rhymes historical used to teach children how to knit. Here's one example:

Under the fence

Catch the sheep

Back you go

Off you leap

So great, right!? I was hoping the book would expand to talk about how knitting shifted from a granny past time to a social and even chic one. I'm also curious to learn more about how it's used in education and the mediums evolution with the invent of Ravelry and the internet. It seems to me that it's easier now to jump into more challenging patterns since there's so many tips tricks and tools available online. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for other resources that may cover those topics; but for a brief historical overview with written works featuring knitting it was a good read.


Knit Adventures

Knit Adventures

Happy Birthday: Blanche Lazzell

Happy Birthday: Blanche Lazzell