Knit Artwork

I just finished my second knit artwork!

dartily knitting

As mentioned before these pieces are worked flat in a combination of fair isle, intarsia, and backwards knitting. 

The pictures below are straight off the needles, before I wet blocked the piece. I'm very happy with the consistency of the stitches. It'll only take a tiny bit of wet blocking to straighten out any goofy texture. The difference is that with this piece I added rib stitching around the boarder and I switched to straight needles so I could more easily pull the work to add give to the stitches, if that makes sense. 

The blanket pattern was pulled from traditional Scandinavian knit patterns. Ironically, it was the most boring part to knit. The face and hands were the best because you can see the person appear. I think it's similar to when a ceramic artist puts work in the kiln. It's exciting to see if it turns out how you expected. I don't think the subject is the best. I think large portraits with more expression will be more interesting so my next piece will be in that direction.