Finished Knit Painting

Yay!!!I'm so excited, this piece turned out just as I had hoped!

After completing the last two knit pieces I knew that I wanted to do a full series where the subjects face was centered and large. I completed this piece and am thrilled with how the subject and the monochromatic color palette are working! The finished piece is exactly how I imagined!

The only thing that isn't quite how I'd prefer, is the laying of the stitches after blocking.  It's not a huge surprise since some of the yarn I used is a cotton blend which proved less flexible than the wool blends used on other parts of the piece. It's not a big deal since obviously it's a hand knit piece, but I am going to stay consistent in fiber content when selecting yarn for future projects. 

I should mention that I don't envision these pieces ever being distributed as "knit" pieces. Instead I prefer their distribution and viewing to occur either digitally or as printed photographs. It's important to me that they are appreciated as abstracted paintings that happen to be knit. I also strive for the stitches to be as clean, consistent, and tidy as possible however, I'm not bothered at all by any that are askew. If I wanted the stitches to be absolutely perfect I'd just paint on a piece of knit fabric like sock blanks. 

I'm planning a full series of these knit portraits. I'd love to use wool yarn or wool blends in fingering or sport weight that are confirmed to come from ethical sources. I want to know the animals are treated well. I'd also love to use yarn in 4-6 monochromatic shades and it would be awesome if they are from independent yarn dyers and from plant based dyes. If you know of any great sources please let me know.