15 Art Ideas From: The Edge Of The Line

Today, I watched the art documentary, The Edge of the Line. The film interviews artists, curators, historians, and theorists asking them to describe different elements of art. The film is organized by different art themes such as inspiration, light, form, color, future etc...

I'm constantly in search of different perspectives on the artistic experience to improve my interactions with artwork and develop my own pieces. There were some really thoughtful statements in this film that resonated with me. Here are my take aways from watching the film:

  • the gaze of contemporary art is kaleidoscopic
  • when looking at art if you look long enough it'll look back at you
  • art comes from collecting (ideas, images, colors, theories) 
  • if you don't have a question you have nothing to say
  • inspiration is answer development
  • intuition allows you to go beyond what you know
  • you think you know an object until you draw it then the details and essence of the object reveals itself
  • don't focus on drawing to learn how to see instead focus on learning how to think
  • it's in the lack of control that new things emerge
  • flow experience is like talking. when you speak your brain queue's up the next words. if you know what you're talking about in art then your brain will start lining up the next moves.
  • the timeline for the artist needs to be elastic
  • an object is art if it breathes and if it blurs the mirror then it's art in the truest form. in other words blurring your reflection where the things you know get mixed and influenced by new ideas
  • the role of the artist is to be a visionary and see what others can't. the artist clears the path and suggests other options
  • the artist can't limit their pieces to what they think can be seen but instead let the piece take it's own course
  • art is a gift. it forces you to ask new questions and develop unique solutions