Eeek! I'm Getting Twitch-y

Yup, I've jumped into the crazy world of live streaming and here's why...

For the past couple weeks I've been reevaluating my video strategy.

So far, I've created videos for my youtube channel featuring art outings, knitting progress, and time-lapse drawings. It's a bit awkward to create of course. However, it's good documentation and social video keeps getting more popular because it's a great way to share information.

Recently, I've been hearing a lot of negative things about youtube. Since I'm early enough in my implementation of video I thought it's a good time to check out what's available online and make a change before I get in too deep. I searched the internet looking for the best way to utilize video in my art distribution and discovered Twitch.

I'm familiar with Twitch for gaming videos. With more frequency the youtube gamers my kids follow are directing viewers to their Twitch streams. What I didn't realize is how robust the Twitch Creative tab is.

This is how it works: Browsing on Twitch you can choose between Gaming, Community, or Creative. The Creative tab has nicely separated categories (e.g. music, illustration, sketching, painting, cooking, animation, knitting, quilting etc.....). If you click on a category you can see everyone who is currently streaming (much easier discovery than youtube or any social network that has video). You can pop into their stream see what project they're working on, ask questions in the chat thread, and follow them if you want to be notified when they will stream next. I was happy to see knitting included but was concerned that my drawings wouldn't fit in. Even though I'm producing my drawings digitally they are still pretty traditional in style....but nope, I found plenty of artists taking a similar approach!

How I plan to utilize Twitch: What's attracting me to live streaming is the fact that by streaming my drawing and knitting time I'm inviting people into an Open Studio. No different than the open studios and live painting events I've organized and participated with in the past. Viewers can pop in for a few minutes ask some questions, chat, or just watch...then continue their day maybe check in again later. It's very casual and couldn't get more authentic. Nothing is produced or scripted all flaws and recoveries in the art making process are revealed. 

Below are two drawings I did on Twitch this week. They'll eventually be turned into knitting patterns and then knitted portraits. The entire process will be shared via live stream. 

Youtube is an unavoidable powerhouse for video, and Twitch will only save old streams for 16(?) days.  So my plan is to time-lapse my favorite twitch streams, add music, and archive to youtube. It becomes a very efficient strategy of sharing while creating.

I have a lot of ideas of how I want to develop this starting with establishing a schedule that works for me then consider some long run streams (e.g 100 portraits in 1 stream, or 12 hours of knitting a single project from start to fun!!). 

I did 3 streams this week and the only snag was some tech glitches with the first stream and getting accustomed to the tiny time lag when chatting with people. Ultimately, it was super fun because I was doing my favorite thing...make art! My username is Dartily_artdaily and I'll post my Open Studio schedule once I figure it out.