Finished Knit Portrait

This week I finished a knit portrait of a woman. Here's my progress...

I've been averaging one knit portrait a week. Which is very satisfying! This piece, however, took two weeks because I also had Halloween creations to work on. This one was different than the other one's I've created in that it used fingering weight yarn instead of sport weight, I ensured all yarn used had some wool fiber content, and it had fewer stitches with only 60 rows. All of those changes really worked well for me. It made the piece quick to finish in the time I had and it blocked out nicely. Yay! a perfect formula!

The pattern above on the right is the one I ended up using. I had to edit the image in the pattern program to ensure there'd be enough contrast. I still think there could be more color contrast in the finished piece below.

I'm considering adding some top stitching to make the piece more vibrant but I fear it turning too crafty. I'm cool with the stitches not being 100% perfect because I want it to be obviously hand made and not a digital design but.... I want these to only have a pinky toe in knit craft not a full foot. They need to be read beyond knit, if that makes sense!?

On a side note, I've ordered some sample prints of my knit pieces. I envision these pieces being consumed digitally so a blown up print makes a lot of sense to me conceptually. I can't wait to see how they turn out! I'm sure I'll write a post about it here.