Why and how to share your art.

A new video is up on my YouTube channel. This week, I share a time lapse from my recent Twitch Creative live stream and discuss why and how to share your artwork.

I have some art shipments to send out and I thought some stickers of hands engaged in arty tasks would be a fun addition. I created three during this weeks live stream "open studio" and will likely do some more later this week. 

In the video, I also talk about why and how to share your artwork. David Gauntlett points out that when we share even the smallest bit of what we make or learn we're contributing to the group knowledge base. This and his points on how to share what we make is discussed in the video below.

I'm starting a regular schedule of "open studio" times on Twitch Creative so swing by and say hi some time! I'll be streaming Tues and Thurs 11-2 maybe other times too!