Art Film: Women Painters

If you follow Dartily you've seen the "Happy Birthday" series I write. In this series of posts I research, recognize, and (most importantly) look at the art by female artists. I began the series because I felt there was a huge hole in my art history knowledge and I continue the series because there are soooo many more artists I need to learn about. 

It's disappointing to me when I write on artists who created an important body of work yet I can't find any quotes, pictures, or record of their lives and influences. (Clearly, other fields have experienced the same oversight but since Art is my field that's where I focus my attention.) When I bumped into this movie on Amazon I couldn't help watching it to see who else I was missing.

The documentary is only an hour long and in French with English subtitles. It starts with an explanation on why women weren't respected in art circles, which of course is no surprise since they also weren't respected in several other fields. However, the film quickly turns to an efficient structure that highlights eight female painters who were active between the 1500's-1800's. For each segment the speakers describe the political atmosphere, how the artist was taught, career highlights, career challenges, and then they discuss a piece of work by the artist. It's pretty short and free with Amazon Prime membership so if painting is your thing then you'd likely find it a worthy watch.

I only learned of maybe two of the featured artists in art school and have covered five more since starting I have one more to add to my list ;)