Work in Progress: Fiber Arts

This week, I made some progress on my tunisian crochet 10 stitch blanket (pattern here) and lined up a couple knitting projects I hope to get on the needles soon. 

This blanket is so much fun to work on. Switching out the colors keeps it interesting but the construction is so mindless that I can chat with people or watch tv while working on it. The pink skull progress keeper marks where it was when I shared it last. The only problem with it is that it's getting too big to take out and about with me. It's currently 32" square. The size is nice at home though, because I cuddle up with it while I work on it. 

This isn't going to look impressive but this week I also wove in all the yarn ends. 

I've been full of knitting inspiration since acquiring the yarn and other supplies while visiting the Wasteshed (creative reuse center) last week.

One of my finds was this pair of sock blockers. I got them for a couple bucks but you can buy them new online here.

I made socks before and didn't love the process but I do appreciate that it's a pattern that is easily memorized and small so once you get the hang of it you can take it with you. The most troublesome part of my first sock making experience was the ity bity, double pointed needles and I ran out of the yarn. So this time, I'm going to learn how to knit two at a time, on circular needles and toe up. Knitting toe up ensures you have enough yarn since you can adjust the length of the leg. Two at a time ensures consistent gauge and it makes it a bit easier to match the colors and number of rows. Of course, the circular needles eliminates the fiddliness of the double pointed needles. The pattern can be found here and below are the colors I want to use. I might get super ambitious and do a contrasting heel, toe and cuff. We'll see.

I also acquired some wool yarn at the Wasteshed in a pretty peacock color and a warm cream. I washed and conditioned them so they are ready to knit with. Below are those two yarns with a third that I want to incorporate into the shawl pattern pictured below.

Free shawl pattern here.

I think it could be a fun learning experience to read a chart for the lace sections but it also has the garter stitch sections which are casual and easy.

And finally, this week I did some more spinning. I'm still not getting a consistent gauge when I spin but I'm improving.