Finished (almost) Color Wheel Quilt

I'm so excited!! Quilting and sewing have been on my list of things to learn for a very long time. This week I made it happen!! Yay! new skills!

My biggest inspiration was my brother-in-law's mom. She's an amazing quilter and speaks of it with so much passion it definitely makes you want to give it a try.

I've had the sewing machine for 8 years...maybe more. Stephen has used it to make halloween costumes but I never learned. I've never really enjoyed art mediums that require too much measuring... like woodworking. So I was worried that even though I found it appealing I might not like it. Also, there's so much to learn with all those buttons.

After writing here about my goal to make this mini quilt, I felt a new sense of motivation to learn that machine and make this happen.

Once I figured out how I wanted the colors organized I got in the zone and couldn't stop working on it. However, I was so worried every time I turned on the machine and started stitching. I was sure I was going to mess something up terribly and get frustrated, but it didn't happen. When a stitch did get a little wonky it didn't matter because that part was going to be joined to another piece and cut off anyway. It was so exciting to see it come together. 

My youngest, Spencer, saw the machine out and made this little pocket---belt/bag/sash. I gave him a quick run down of the steps then supervised him. That little guy took to it so easily. He produced perfectly straight lines and remembered all the steps. 

My only hiccup was the binding. I made the binding strip no problem, it looked nice. However, I got rushed and too excited to finish that I totally messed up the binding stitching. Look at it below...what madness is that!! 

Eww it's so bad, ha ha ha. It was too late to keep working on it so to motivate myself to finish it sooner rather than later, I started ripping out the stitches. I'll be able to finish pulling the stitches out today and then redo the sewing of the binding to the quilt sometime this weekend. I'm sure with fresh, alert eyes I'll be able to tackle that with more consideration and patience. 

Afternoon Update: I went ahead and started repairing the binding. I'm halfway done and it looks sooooo much better. This is the same corner photographed above, unbelieveable! I'm so happy the repair worked!

Rocket tried to claim it.

The fabric can be found here.

The pattern can be found here.

The sewing machine used can be found here.